Los Angeles Acupuncture & Therapy

At Tiratana Acupuncture, Kelly ensures that you get your money's worth, but also that you get results. She works with you to the degree that you are comfortable with, whether it is to simply curtail your pain, or optimize your health with her expert advice on supplements, nutrition, and exercise. Many people seek complementary and preventative therapy after trying conventional methods without success. The whole of Eastern medicine is about balancing your body (Zhong Yi) naturally. It's a far more sustainable approach that millions of frustrated Americans are seeking out. Any symptoms ranging from fatigue, pain, insomnia, depression and other common complaints indicates an imbalance.

Though not visible to the naked eye the way electricity is invisible, qi is the life force by which our bodies protect and heals itself, leading to an increased sense of well-being. Modern medicine has yet to explain this thousands of years old medicine but scientific breakthroughs such as MRI imaging of the brain's pain centers before and after acupuncture are pouring forth. The United States Military takes it seriously, having integrated it for our wounded warriors. Universities from UCLA to Harvard Medical Schools are teaching medical doctors acupuncture. Why? Because it works and it works better than drugs in many cases. In fact many medical studies show it even enhances the efficacy of most prescription drugs without interference. For example, a study done in S. Korea showed that a combination of acupuncture and moxibustion therapy worked better than Prozac. Acupuncture releases endorphins and activates your own body's own innate healing mechanism.

Conveniently located in central Los Angeles, Kelly understands the stress and hectic lifestyle of Los Angelinos, which is why she makes herself available for weekend appointments and post-rush hour traffic. Her clinic is tranquil and not your average florescent-lit box in a building. With ample, free parking,it's a small refuge of rest and comfort with an ever-creative menu of free health teas to sample.

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Tiratana Therapy Fees

Initial Consultation fee: $30.00

Acupuncture: $70,00

*prepaid 5 sessions of acupuncture only: $260.00

*prepaid 5 sessions of acupuncture plus 

all adjunct therapies: $370.00                                         

Adjunct Therapies: $10-40/20 mins.




Suction Cupping

Gua Sha (fascia, skin scraping)

Hot Stone Therapy


Head to Toe Bodywork: $220/hour

*A rejuvenating session using

martial art recovery techniques

that facilitate circulation, acupressure, and

deep tissue. This session detoxifies lymph

system and replenishes vital energy

Cosmetic Wrinkle Correction:                               

Whole Face: $250.00

Neck Lines: $250.00

*prepaid 5 sessions   (face or neck): $1,000.00

*prepaid 10 sessions (face or neck): $1,900.00

Eyebrow Anger Lines: $80,00

Hands Collagen Building: $390.00

*prepaid 5 sessions    (hands): $1,700.00

*prepaid 10 sessions  (hands): $3,500.00